ORBX Freeware scenery pack

3 freeware ORBX sceneries by  Tony's which is World2Xplane. He created them a year or two ago and they calmly all this time lie on the org. So if the site of Orbeks is unavailable, calmly swing them with an organ.

Aerosoft - Svalbard for X-Plane 11

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to visit the Arctic Circle, Svalbard may be for you. The scenery pack being reviewed in this article is a package of five airfields specifically for X-Plane 11 and is designed by the well-known Aerosoft design team. Price 45.99$ flightsim

Freeware Airports For X-Plane

Orbx is kicking off their freeware library for X-Plane with the re-release of three simply stunning airports previously released via X-Plane.org by team member Tony Wroblewski. Tony goes by the name “antwob” on X-Plane.org and is most famous for his incredible  fselite

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