Let L-410 for X-Plane 10.51+ v1.0.2 FOR FREE

The Let L-410 Turbolet is a twin-engine short-range transport aircraft, manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET, mostly used for passenger transport. Since 1969, more than 1100 airframes have been produced. 
I built this plane to replace the old Anonov An-2 planes with a higher performance one.
The Turbolet was the first plane I could check out close up and touch as a kid. That one was used to drop parachuters at a small airfield. Sadly that time it was out of service due to money problems.
Former Hungarian Airline FARNAIR had several L-410's but unfortunately one of them (HA-LAR) has crashed near Iasi airport in Romania.
The Let 410 departed Bucharests domestic airport Baneasa for a regular mail flight to Iasi. Weather was poor as the aircraft arrived near Iasi. Snowfall limited the visibility to approximately 2 kilometers with a temperature of -4C. The first attempt to land was reportedly aborted. On the second attempt the airplane crashed near a road short of the runway. (from ASN)
This project is a tribute to the memory of its crew — Cpt. Gyozo "Mama" Sebok and Peter Cziraki.
I'm happy to announce the release of v1.0 of the Let L-410 for X-Plane 10.51+ with 3D cockpit.

After nearly 6 years of bumpy development and a long beta testing phase, the Let L-410 is here.
This is the point where I say "stop" for v1.0. You never really can finish a plane. Still, there are awful lots of things to do. But let's leave those for v2.0 :)


  • Detailed 3D cockpit
  • Built-in Garmin GPS
  • Realistic engine and flight model (~95% matching real data)
  • Instrument and cockpit lighting
  • Yoke can be hidden
  • Basic anti and de-ice system
  • Custom engine sounds
  • Custom engine startup
  • Checklist for XCheclist
  • Simplified documentation included (check Documentation folder)

All basic instruments are working, you can either fly RNAV with Garmin or NON-RNAV (VOR2VOR) flights with the NAV instruments.
Bugfixes of course, will come after release, so I'll keep updating this version.

KNOWN BUG: The Let L-410 is NOT compatible with X-FMC. If you find the aircraft is causing a huge FPS drop or even freezing the sim, try temporary removing/disabling the X-FMC plugin. Sadly, I couldn't figure out yet why it's not working, but I'll update once it's resolved.

Required Library for SASL:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable - 10.0.40219

There might be other versions or 32 bit versions (x86) installed, but this need to be installed as well. Get it from here:



I’d like to thank all the support and feedback I got from various people while developing this plane. 
The project took a long time to finish - with breaks - but it worth every minute. 
I’d like to thank Imre Kurucz, Attila Kotan, and Tibor Kokai for the images, videos and the support they gave since the beginning. There are a lot more people who gave inspiration and encouragement to finish the Let L-410, cannot name them specifically, but sometimes their word gave me the last push.

Big thanks to the beta testing team: Tamas Eibel, Karoly Molnar, Lars N. and Gyorgy Buki

Follow the further development at http://bit.ly/1VUCwvj
Twitter: @xplanehu



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