Top 10 Must Have Freeware Plugins for X-Plane

I finally decided to take the step from FSX to X-Plane 11 and after some reading I found out that there is actually quite a lot of plugins for it. So now I'm wondering what plugins you all found to be fun/useful whilst spending your time in the air (or on the ground) recommended by you.

Runway Awareness and Advisory System 2.0.2:


EADT x737-800:



BetterPushback Amazing freeware pushback plugin. Has multiple languages and even accents for when flying out of different airports (it automatically selects them). Also automatically chooses tug liveries based on the livery of the plane you are flying and/or the airport you are flying at. Probably my favorite plugin.


Autogate Animates jetways at compatible scenery.


Ortho4XP (requires lots of hard drive space, but otherwise free). Allows you to overlay satellite imagery on the x-plane world, and then generate overlays to put autogen on top of that imagery. It can look really amazing! But, it can require lots of hard drive space. I have about 10 TB of ortho right now, I have finished the entire US, all of Western Europe, most of Australia, and all of South Africa. But I use a lot of ZL15/16 in order to accomplish that. If trying to do only higher zoom levels you will be looking at significantly less area for the same amount of storage space (maybe 'only' the US at ZL17). 

SeaTraffic - free, equivalent to Global AI ship traffic, not as good though

Landing Speed Plugin - free, rates your landings by fpm at touchdown, really neat

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