Weather in FlightGear

Weather is a crucial part of every flight experience and affects aviation on so many levels that it's hard to do justice to all of them. Visibility in terms of clouds and fogging decide whether VFR flight is even possible, or if IFR rules need to be used.

KSFF Felts Field FSX

With three runways (including a water runway), Felts is suitable for all types of simmers including jet flyers.  elts also features impressive early 20th-century architecture, including it's famous Art Deco terminal building and old 116th Squadron USAF hanger. Payware on orbxdirect for 40$

Client traffic ProjectFLY

No longer do you need to have multiple applications open to track your flight hours and follow your flight on a map. You can do both right here on projectFLY. Our state-of-the-art Radar allows you to view and get data on, not only projectFLY client traffic but, VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge traffic all in the one place!

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain for PC / Windows is a flight simulator developed by Atomic Jelly and published by Movie Games. Both the developer and publisher of this game are parts of the PlayWay group. Will available on April 2018

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