Freeware 787 Series

Started work on a little side project of mine which I shall develop alongside other things in my spare time; the Boeing 787. More specifically, the -8, -9 and -10, which all have basic models completed thus far - the attached screenshot is for the 787-9 model.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Project

The project, as planned, is expected to be released September 2018. Like all of the VSKYLABS projects, release point is only the "time of birth", and it will continue to evolve, fine tuned and maintained on a regular basis. Most of the planned elements of the cockpit are finally completed.

xVision Releases Tweak Tool

If you have ever developed your X-Plane visuals, you know that good results can be achieved only by using good textures and FlyWithLua plugins. xVision offers you a quick and convenient way to control these resources without manually editing/copying files or any other confusing rubbish.

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