Amman Fly-In

Bring the challenge to Jordan vACC controllers on April 20th by flying to Amman's main airport, Queen Alia International Airport! We will be online for 4 hours [1400z to 1800z], and we will be happy to have you! Expect full ATC coverage in Amman FIR! Charts: OJAI For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blue skies!

Dubai - Big City Nights

Take a pen and mark 21st April during which Dubai Int'l Airport ( OMDB ) will be fully staffed from 1600Z - 1900Z. So join us and fly to/from Dubai as our controllers welcome you at UAE's most busiest airport which is well known all around the world. Take advantage of our ATC services and experience a busy airspace. VATSIM

Riga Wednesdays Launch Event

Latvia vACC would like to invite you to our launch event of Riga Wednesdays, our new fortnightly full ATC event! Due to the ever increasing traffic at our highly successful weekly 'Riga Friday Fun' event, we have decided to offer you yet another evening in the week where you can receive full ATC! 

UKBB 24H Marathon

We're inviting pilots to participate in out event, where vACC Ukraine controllers will provide ATC service in Boryspil 24 hours without interruption. We're inviting pilots to participate in out event, where vACC Ukraine controllers will provide ATC service in Boryspil 24 hours without interruption.

EDDF - EDDM Shuttle

The regional groups of Frankfurt and Munich present the 1st Friday-Evening-Work-Shuttle - with a little bit of sweat and work!
We wholeheartedly welcome all pilots to show off their ability and talent! Eventtime = 1800z until 2200z => 240 minutes time to have a lot of fun!

Vatsim 10.02.18 14:00z Tel Aviv to Paris

Dear pilots! We are proud to announce our next event - Au revoir Tel Aviv Shalom Paris The event will take place on February 10th between 14:00z-20:00z, During those hours the flight path between Tel Aviv to Paris will be covered with Full ATC services. The flight distance is about 1800 nm and the estimated flight time is 4.5 Hours.

27th January 2018 Dubai Overload

Dear Pilots! Emirates vACC is proud to present "Dubai Overload". On 27th January 2018, Dubai International Airport ( OMDB ) will be fully staffed from bottom to top by our ATC starting from 1600Z until 2000Z. Get ready to enter the en-route holding pattern while descending to your favorite destination "Dubai" and expect to fly along with a chain of other aircraft during your approach into Dubai.

Monarch Forever EGCC-LLBG

Fly Monarch Virtual and VATIL are proud to invite you to Monarch Forever We will fly Monarch last flight to Tel Aviv (LLBG) and the way back to Manchester (EGCC) The event will take place on January 20th between 12:00z-20:00z, During those hours the flight path between Manchester to Tel Aviv will be covered with Full ATC services.

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