RealWorld Scenery 3D - Greece Vol 2

Now available is part 4 and 5 in Volume 2, containing a part of the full HD photoreal scenery for the country of Greece. Full night lighting with a variety of light styles for realism and diversity, various buildings based on GIS data, situated in the footprint of actual buildings flightsim

Carenado Saab S340

For a price of $44.95 from the Carenado store, this aircraft can be yours. Although it may seem like quite a steep price, this aircraft seems feature rich which (hopefully) should justify this price. The product comes with 9 liveries, as well as an all white one to act as a paint kit. fselite

Guernsey Xtreme Beta

Guernsey airport scenery is very close to release, UK2000 Scenery plans to launch sales on 28th April. It will be another Xtreme title, the guarantee of a high density of 3D objects, high definition textures, animations, vehicles for this airport found on the island close to French territory.

Valencia X Scenery

The city of Valencia itself is located just on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and is the fifth biggest seaport in Europe and the largest in Spain. The airport that this is based on, Valencia Airport, has long been an integral part of Spanish aviation. flyawaysimulation

757 Jetliner Freemium FSX

The new livery features the American Airlines eagle transformed into a diagonal logo, with the bird's white head between red and blue wings. The aircraft body is pale silver, and the American flag is represented by red and blue stripes on the tail fin evoking the American flag. justflight

Best freeware FSX addons

Every year, the simulation community manages to create new and improved aircraft and scenery of all manner of locations. From top quality designs that perfectly portrays some of the most important airports in the world, to lesser-known aircraft that you may never have heard of, many options exist. 

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