ARKIA Livery Boeing 757 by ramzzess

Arkia Israel airline livery for Boeing 757 Professional for X-Plane. Copy Arkia folder to X-Plane 10\Aircraft\Boeing 757 (optional folder)\liveries\

Ryanair 737-300 'Hertz' (Fictional) 1.0.0


This is a fictional repaint of EI-CJC, The repaint if for the IXEG 737-300 for both Xplane 10 and Xplane 11

Arkia livery for SSGE-190LRV1 XP10

New Arkia livery for SSGE-190LRV1 XP10 

Arkia livery pack for ATR 72-500

Arkia repaint pack, 3 liveries included 4X-AVZ, white (4X-AVT), flight 99$ (4X-AVU)

ELAL Livery for Boeing 767

ELAL Boeing 767-300ER Livery for X-Plane 10 

Boryspil Intl Airport Kiev - UKBB scenery for X-Plane 11

Boryspil Intl Airport Kiev - UKBB UKBB SCENERY FOR X-PLANE 11

Xiamen Air livery for Magknight 787-9

Here's a cool replica of Xiamen's B-1566 787-9 dreamliner. Minimum requirement is to have v1.02 version of this 787-9 aircraft.

Air Canada "Olympic & Paralympic Athletes Official Transport" livery for Magknight's 787-9

Registration is C-FRSR, same as the original aircraft used for this special livery. Works only on v1.02 and further versions of the aircraft.

Singapore Airlines livery for Magknight 787-9

This livery fits the v1.02 and further versions of the aircraft.

Air Canada new livery for Magknight 787-9

Air Canada 787-9 "C-FRTG". Includes night textures and good quality detail (had some problems with frontal windows part. Otherwise, the rest is exactly as the original aircraft. 

KLM new livery for Magknight 787-9

KLM 787-9 "PH-BHA". Includes night textures and a high detail level.

Hainan "B-1343" livery for Magknight 787-9

Works only on v1.02 and further updates of the aircraft.

Swiss livery for magknight 787-9

Here's a fictional painting for Magknight's 787-9 featuring Swiss colors.

Evenblade for X-Plane

Many users new to X-Plane may not be aware of the Evenblade aircraft. I have packaged three variants for X-Plane 11 that include the Garmin 430, Garmin 530 and FMS respectively. There is no 3D cockpit, but the creative 2D design is highly functional and very easy on frame rates.

Avro RJ100 1.0.2

Andreas Benjamin has kindly granted permission to share the older (2D-only cockpit) Avro RJ100 with the X-Plane community. He is the aircraft's creator and his site for X-Plane 11 aircraft with 3D cockpits can be found here: