Evenblade for X-Plane

Many users new to X-Plane may not be aware of the Evenblade aircraft. I have packaged three variants for X-Plane 11 that include the Garmin 430, Garmin 530 and FMS respectively. There is no 3D cockpit, but the creative 2D design is highly functional and very easy on frame rates.

Sean Tebor is the original author and is credited with its development. I made some changes below the artificial horizon to declutter information displayed there, added an audio panel and OBS setting/indicators, and EFIS Nav/ADF selectors.

Here is Sean's description of the aircraft:

“The engines are Pratt PT-6 turboprops, running at around 525 HP each. The fuselage is a bit over 30 feet long. Empty weight is 3800 pounds, fuel capacity is 1800 pounds, total weight, including up to a 1500 payload, is 7100 pounds. She'll cruise at 250 knots all out, but I haven't done the full check out yet on the actual specs.”

So if you're looking for an attractive turboprop that's easy to fly and with several options for integrated avionics, give the Evenblade a try. Finally, the climb and descent values I use in the checklist may be changed to suit your preferences. The Xchecklist plugin can be found here: