DCS Israir livery pack: A Tribute to Israeli Aviation

By simcat Apr30,2024

On May 10, 2020, aviation enthusiasts welcomed a new addition to their flight simulation experience with the Israir Livery Pack. Uploaded by vined0g, this texture pack offers a vibrant tribute to the Israeli airline, Israir. Let’s take a closer look at what this pack has to offer.

A Taste of Israel in the Skies

The Israir Livery Pack is a collection of three distinct skins, each representing the iconic Israir branding. The airline, aptly named Israir, is renowned for its commitment to excellence and its vibrant presence in the Israeli aviation industry. With these skins, users can bring the spirit of Israir into their virtual skies.

Included Liveries

  1. A-320 White Tail: This livery features the sleek design of the Airbus A320 aircraft, with a clean white tail adorned with the Israir logo. It exudes elegance and sophistication, reflecting Israir’s dedication to providing a premium flying experience.
  2. A-320 Blue Tail: In contrast to the white tail variant, the A-320 Blue Tail livery boasts a striking blue tail, making a bold statement in the skies. With the Israir logo prominently displayed, this livery captures the attention of onlookers and fellow virtual pilots alike.
  3. B-737 Blue Tail: Completing the collection is the B-737 Blue Tail livery, which offers a unique take on Israir’s branding. With its distinctive blue tail and sleek design, this livery pays homage to the airline’s heritage while standing out among the crowd.

Compatibility with Civilian Aircraft Mod (CAM)

Designed for use with the Civilian Aircraft Mod (CAM), the Israir Livery Pack seamlessly integrates into the flight simulation experience. Whether cruising through the virtual skies or exploring airport terminals, users can enjoy the authentic Israir liveries across a range of compatible aircraft models.


The Israir Livery Pack by vined0g is more than just a collection of textures; it’s a celebration of Israeli aviation and the legacy of Israir. With its meticulously crafted liveries and compatibility with the Civilian Aircraft Mod, this pack offers a unique opportunity for flight simulation enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of Israir. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual pilot or a newcomer to the skies, the Israir Livery Pack promises an unforgettable flying experience.

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By simcat

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