Flight from Batumi To Tel aviv

By simcat Apr30,2024

ARKIA flight IZ414 operated by Boeing 737-800 Smartwings.com from Batumi International airport To Tel aviv Video landing Ben gurion LLBG airport.

In the realm of aviation, each flight tells its own story. Today, we embark on a captivating journey aboard ARKIA Flight IZ414, operated by the Boeing 737-800, under the wings of Smartwings.com. Our adventure commences on the shores of the Black Sea, at Batumi International Airport, and concludes on the Mediterranean coast, at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

Taking Off from Batumi

With the roar of the powerful engines of the Boeing 737-800, our flight begins. The aircraft smoothly ascends, carrying us into the skies above the stunning landscapes of Georgia. Passengers can revel in the views of mountains, seas, and cities unfolding beneath them.

In-flight Comfort

During the flight, the crew of ARKIA Flight IZ414 ensures the comfort and safety of all passengers. Flight attendants offer refreshments and snacks to satisfy appetites and create a pleasant atmosphere onboard. Passengers can entertain themselves with movies, music, or simply enjoy conversations with fellow travelers.

Approaching Tel Aviv

After several hours of flight, the ARKIA IZ414 aircraft begins its approach to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The crew prepares for landing, executing all necessary procedures for a safe touchdown. Passengers hold their breath as the aircraft descends towards the ground.

After landing, passengers of ARKIA Flight IZ414 disembark the aircraft and head towards the exit, ready to proceed to the next stage of their journey. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, each traveler carries with them the memories of a unique flight experience, connecting distant destinations and enriching their lives along the way.

By simcat

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